Iger is Back as Disney’s Boss

Bob Chapek - Former Disney CEO Bob Iger is back as CEO of Disney after just two years. He is replacing Bob Chapek who drew some heat recently when he announced major cuts and layoffs throughout the company. Chapek's two-year run focused on recovery after a pandemic, a series of published issues, and a slip... Continue Reading →

What About the Big Girls?

Hey all! After this, we only have four more episodes! Our castaways are setting themselves up for the final three. They are also cleaning the house by getting rid of big threats and nuisances. All made much easier with double tribals!

God of War Ragnarok Review

We are talking God of War on this week's Pushing Buttons! We can't get enough of Kratos and Atreus in this mythological world. Design, gameplay, and a ton of story; we discuss it all. 


It is day 16 and castaways are getting to know their new tribe post-merge; hunger pangs are starting to take a toll and castaways must decide who will strike a deal with Jeff Probst to earn rice for their tribe. Hey all! The strong seven-person alliance has outsiders worried. Sami wants to use this moment... Continue Reading →


Hey all! The Disney Moms are talking about Coco. A heartwarming tale of Miguel and the loved ones he's lost. Vibrant colors and unforgettable music makes Coco a Pixar staple. Synopsis: Despite his family's generations-old ban on music, young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to... Continue Reading →

Geek Freaks has a Newsletter!

We have launched a newsletter called the Geekdom Herald. It will keep you informed on the broad strokes of geek news, tell you what's happening in our network, and have some fun along the way. A new issue releases the last week of every month. Be sure to check it out and give us your... Continue Reading →

RUN!! Grandma Chainsaw is HERE!

Imagine your car breaking down on a quiet road in the middle of a damp forest. You find a shabby house and possible respite. Inside, a tiny and frail-looking grandma. You shrug and smile politely as she offers you tea and points to her small dining table. As you sit in the scruffy but clean... Continue Reading →

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