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Next Show: 3 Hours Later + Geek Freaks Crossover!

3 Hours Later Crossover1

Hey all! This week Alex from 3 Hours Later joins Frank to talk about X019 that announced some big upcoming things for XBOX. We also go over some classic “Who Would Win in a Fight” contests. Lastly we discuss some of the life as a podcaster. Working with co-hosts, playing the social media game, and expanding your listener-ship.

The X019 from the UK gave us big updates of classics like Halo: Reach and Sea of Thieves. We also got a look at Everwild, a new title from Rare. And then there was the game play from Minecraft Dungeons. This is a dungeon crawler in the Minecraft world with new creatures to fight and the classic role playing classes to choose from.

For the “Who Would Win in a Fight” we had some classic duels. We pulled these from a Buzzfeed article with 17,000 fan votes each. Some of the big ones have been like Darth Vader vs Voldemort, Quicksilver vs Flash, and Deadpool vs Wolverine.

Lastly we talk about podcasting and 3 Hours Later. We are lucky enough to be in the same network with amazing creators and we talk about working with other shows and how we have adapted to me listeners demands.

PS. This episode is releasing on both Alex’s and Frank’s B-Days. Give them some love on twitter. 🙂

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Next Show: Alex Schumacher Interview, Call of Duty and Outer Worlds Reviews

Alex Schumacher Interview, Call of Duty and Outer Worlds Reviews

Hey all! This week we talk with Alex Schumacher. Writer and Artist of “Decades of (in)Experience” and “Mr. Butterchips. Decades follows an average 34 year old as he struggles to balance a career as a creator and a healthy relationship. It’s a story of surviving in a world that expects so much while providing little direction or help. Mr. Butterchips is reminiscent of the underground comics that started a revolution in comics bring the “kids” medium into the alleys were people were sharing truths. Mr. Butterchips shows the the world and how it works; weather or not you wanted to know. You can find Alex’s work on his site at Be sure to dive in the archives to experience the growth of the character and Alex as an artist.

Next is our Call of Duty review. CoD returned to form with it’s latest installment, Modern Warfare. Much like it’s name sake, Modern Warfare gives you an expansive campaign that explores warfare in our times. You also get the multiplayer that made CoD a house hold name and one of Activision Blizzard’s tent pole franchises.

Lastly is Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment brought the heat with this answer to Fallout. They developed Fallout 1 and 2 then made Fallout New Vegas. Needless to say, they new what they were doing. With Outer Worlds, they took a familiar formula and perfected the game play, art design, and story. So basically everything. This plays much faster and almost feels lighter than simialr games. It’s Time Dilation aim assist is what VATS should be. The design of this world and it’s inhabitants is stunning. Bright and full of life. And the story has you truly weighing your option with no clear path. No black and white, all grays.

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This Month in Geekdom: October 2019

October 20191

Hey all! This was a very busy month in Geekdom. Our Freebie games covered QUBE 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Surviving Mars, and Minit. Our Podcast was packed with an interview with Mindy Indy, Reviews for Joker and Breakpoint. We recapped all of the Arrowverse so you can go into the current season informed. It was our first Comic Book Club with Watchmen. And finally we both had an in depth conversation about Boycott Blizzard then our Normal BlizzCon coverage. A difficult situation that we approached with sources and an open mind.


On our YouTube channel we kicked thing off strong with our Diddy Kong Racing Retro Rewind. The most played game of my childhood. This was a racer that gave you a small open world to be your starting point.

The Freebie Games this were very fun and different in gameplay. From a civilization builder like Surviving Mars to a sequel to a past Freebie Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

We had many MiniCast this month including our interview with comic creator Mindy Indy. We discussed here new comic Aer Head. We also had an extensive chat about Joker with and without spoilers.

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Next Show: BlizzCon 2019 Predictions

Blizzcon 2019 Predictions

Hey all! This is our Blizzcon Pregame show. We go over the Blizzcon titles and discuss what we expect to see and some of our long shots.

Heroes of the Storm has a dormant eSports division and a skeleton crew keeping up maintenance. We want to see this game get some love. Bring back the eSports and possible set up a new rewards system.

  Hearthstone has been all over the news, and not for good reasons. We talk about what this presentation will look like with the Boycott Blizzard clouds over head.

  Diablo is about to have a big year. All the leaks show that we are getting Diablo 4! What will a new Diablo look like? Will we get new classes? New gameplay? How will they change one of the staple games in the Blizzard library?

  StarCraft has been quiet. Recent news from explains that a StarCraft FPS was in the works but had been shuttered to focus on a new Diablo and Overwatch. We will probably get some cosmetic updates but not much more.

  Overwatch is about to make a splash. All signs show we are getting OVERWATCH 2. So hyped! We are really hoping for a campaign focused sequel. New champs and maps as well of course. 

  World of Warcraft is my most played game, therefore the most anticipated. We should be getting a new expansion. Probably Shadowlands like the famous leak says. I really hope we hear how Classic affects the future of retail wow. All in all, it’s shaping up to be an awesome BlizzCon! Stick with us for all the big announcements!

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Next Show: Our First Comic Book Club!

Watchmen CBC1

Hey all! This week is our very first Comic Book Club. Our goal with CBC is to review and discuss some of the biggest staples in comic book history. We will go over both the story itself and it’s importance in comics.

First is Watchmen by Alan Moore. We came in with a bang! This might be the most important comic book for modern readers because in made adult themed comics main stream. Dark stories that talked mature topics existed before Watchmen but none were as successful or acclaimed. After Watchmen, the world had to start paying attention to the medium as a source for storytelling that was previously ignored and chalked up to child’s play.

We will introduce the creators of Watchmen, writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. Go over the quick synopsis of a New York with caped vigilantes. Discuss some of Watchmen’s special highlights like the Nine panel layout and the comic with a comic “Tales of the Black Freighter”. Then for the bulk of the review will go go over the entire story from start to finish. We finish thing with sequels, film, and series.

As this is our first CBC we ask for your feedback even more than usual. This is a ‘heaver’ subject than the other comics we will be going over, so expect them to generally be shorter. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Next Show: Arcade vs Pass, Boycott Blizzard, Breakpoint Review, Arrowverse Recap

Arcade vs Pass, Boycott Blizzard, Breakpoint, Arrowverse Recap 1

Hey all! This week we start with Apple Arcade vs Google Pass Play. Both are really a good deal being only $5 a month. In the end it comes down to selection and game development. We then review Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The latest in the Ghost Recon acts as a sequel to Wildlands with Nomad taking the lead again. We are in a very new environment with many new features but some of the excellent controls we’ve come to expect from Tom Clancy games. Next is a tough one for us. We discuss the scandal out of Blizzard over their ban of a player who endorsed the Hong Kong protests on a post-match stream. As a Blizzard fans we are hurt to see such actions from Blizzard, especially with the approaching BlizzCon coverage we have planned for the podcast. Lastly we do a full recap of the Arrowverse. This is the last season of Arrow and first season of Batwomen. The absolute best time to join the fandom. we go over all the shows and give you a quick rundown of each season so your ready to jump into the current stories.

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Next Show: Joker Review, Aer Head Interview, and NYCC

Joker, Aer Head, NYCC

Hey all! First thing first, we are adjusting the podcast thumbnails to be a streamlined and simplified design. The original design was meant to simulate our main logo but it unfortunately crazy a busy lower third and makes reading the title somewhat difficult. Hope you like the new look.
The first thing we are talking about this week is the new Joker Film. We will start spoiler free then get into all the details. This is one of those movies you must go to dinner afterwards so you can process the message of this movie with friends. The slow mental decent of Arthur Fleck was heart wrenching and triumphant. At story feels both impossible and very true.
Next is our interview with Mindy Indy about here new comic book “Aer Head”. Aer Head is a comic that follows Aer (lifeguard/surfer) as he struggles to control he’s ESP. The art style is much like the an 80’s cartoon or an anime and challenge the reader by morphing comic book panel norms. Lastly we go over the news out of New York comic Con. New comic series and trailers are abound and we are hyped to discuss them!