Next Show: Video Game Controller

Hey all! Next show will be Top 5 Video Game Controller. Some great childhood memories here. Playing the NES and letting my brother think that his unplugged controller was useful. Throwing the Dreamcast controller across the room as Sonic fails to jump when I want him to for the millionth damn time…. still some rage there. And of course the very subtle movement with the Xbox 360 controller as I try to snipe other Call of Duty 2 players with out them seeing me.

As an adult, I appreciate the design of the old controllers that led to our current tools of the trade. Controllers today need to be easy enough for clueless dads to pick up and play with kids. They need to be intuitive enough that remembering a button won’t pull you out of the story. They lastly need to be accurate enough to be the state of the art equipment that an athlete uses to be the best in the world and wealthier them most of us will ever be; stings a little doesn’t it. Excited to take a deep dive with these toys and masterful pieces of technology in this episode that will post on Friday. Enjoy!

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