Next Show: Walking Dead Character

Hey all! Our next episode that’s posting Friday is going to be Top 5 Walking Dead Character. An important distinction is we will only be going over the AMC show. The comics are great but the guys are not familiar enough with the differences. walkingdeadcharacters-blogroll-1519182329473_1280w

As I was making my list and doing my research I found that most of my favorites were not in the main cast. Rick, Michonne and Daryl are all pretty awesome but they all seem either one dimensional or there personality is so dynamic that it just doesn’t make sense. Looking at you Rick Grimes. While we were working on this episode the news that Andrew Lincoln (Rick) will be leaving the show and Norman Reedus (Daryl) will be the new lead character. This is interesting, not only is this a huge change from the comics but Daryl’s character is not even in the books at all. Will this change from the source material be the boost the declining show needs or will it be the shows last last dying breath. AMC has also announced that they will be doing more spin-off shows. They can use this last few seasons to set up some standalone shows. Personally I would love to see the start of The Kingdom and rise of King Ezekiel. We hope you enjoy the episode as we look back at cable’s number one show for years.

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