Posting Schedule and Purchases

Hey all! Just wanted to update everyone on what we are posting. We have a Top 5 for Stan Lee Cameos Posting on Monday the 11th. The goal is for that to be the new posting day for all Top 5s. On the 8th we posted a Nerd News about E3; we will post an E3 review show at afterwards too. On Saturday we will be posting a Level Up! about Crackdown from XBOX 360.


Finally, one of our many recording issues is the constant sounds of people hitting the table. Well we purchased some shock absorption. They are on the way and it will be a couple episode before you hear the difference. I have learned how to take out the A/C and fridge sounds in the background so you hopefully have noticed that change. The next big change is the volume issues. To fix this we will need new mics for everyone and the mixer. It will be an expensive upgrade and will take some time. Thank-you so much for hanging in there with us as we grow!

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