Next Show: Disney Princess

rsz_princessHey all! Our next show we discuss our Top 5 Disney Princesses. This was a really fun because we had a special guest (Susy) and I got to be the judge this round. We had some surprises in this one. First of all I have always liked Belle from Beauty and The Beast so I assumed she would win out, but she did not do very well. We had some very passionate debates about some outsider Princesses. Squeaks was pushing hard for Tiana, Susy was all about Pocahontas and Daniel was a VERY big fan of Princess Kida. Kida is from Atlantis in case you are like the rest of us and completely forgotten about her. Some of the factors we look at are how they treat their kingdom, how they are with there love interest (Prince) and how remember-able they are from our childhood. We hope you enjoy the show!

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