Next Show: Superhero Shows (Animated)

Hey all! This week we revisited our childhood and dissected the Top Five Animated Superhero Shows. Researching these shows brought me back to my childhood and the content that hooked me into the world of comic books. I remember coming home and setting up my homework and watching reruns of Batman, Superman and X-men. Unrelated, I also watched reruns of Simpsons, Drew Carey Show and Seinfeld as well (a lot of homework). 0wvt393960vz

These shows had bright animation that often stuck close to the source material. They showed us a world where people that were “different” can become heroes by making the right choices. That villains are not just bad people but people that are doing the wrong thing even if it is for the right reason. We saw that with comradery and team work the most impossible mission can become possible. Superhero shows taught us that honor, bravery, friendship and the pursuit of justice are important and worth defending. Plus those theme songs are the best!

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