Next Show: Tom Hanks Movies

Hey all! I’m very excited for this one as we dig into Top 5 Tom Hanks Movies. A little back story. All of us are major Hanks fans. Joe and I have started a Tom Hanks fan club in our town and have membership cards and everything. No joke, we are that big of Hank Heads! New term I just invented, I know your impressed. When we did our first Patreon exclusive episode it was on Top 5 Dramas and it was very hard to not just name all Hanks films. That recording had us put Mr. Hanks in the “Tupperware of Topics.” That name needs some work, I’ll admit.

In this episode we go through some classics like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Castaway” but due to the volume of his work we had to miss out on some gems like “Big” and “Splash.” Yes, “Splash” is a gem! We could have done a Top 10 on this topic and still missed out on some good ones. We tried to focus on the film itself and not solely on the acting. That is a different list entirely. For example, in “Castaway” Hanks does some of his best acting but some might argue that the plot is thin. We discuss the difference between acting and film in great detail here. This was so much fun to make and I hope you enjoy the show!

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