Next Show: Disney Sidekicks

850-8Hey all! We have our next Disney episode, and this time we are checking out the sidekicks! We are joined by a great guest, Diana, who suggested this topic after our Disney Princess episode. These sidekicks taught us so much about how to be a great friend and always to have our buddies back. Baloo and Bagheera kept Mogli safe while also just hanging out and enjoying those bear necessities. Pumba and Timon practically raised Simba singing Hakuna Matata the whole time. If it weren’t for Cogsworth and Lumier would the Beast still be a grumpy monster in a forgotten castle? We explore all these in this fun and admittedly long episode. We would love more suggestions on topics and if you want us to start narrowing on a certain subject let us know. We want to have an interactive community with our listener and would be happy to hear any advice. Thanks and Hope you enjoy the show…next Monday!

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