Hey all! This is super exciting (and anxious) times for our podcast. We are changing the name and format of the whole show. We are changing because we want to expand the topics we cover and how we cover them. With the top five format we would have to direct all our conversation through that narrow scope. It is a lot of fun talking about our favorites in all kinds of topics but then we would sit around for a couple hours discussing current news in games, comics, show and movies. We quickly realized that this is what the podcast should become. I know what your thinking, “But Frank! I like Top Five the way it was, that’s why I subbed!” Totally, understand. We LOVE making Top Five and that’s why we are still going to be making them. That’s right! We will be putting up a Top Five monthly as just one of the varied shows we will be bringing you. Other content we will be doing is new and retro movie/game reviews, the news in geek life, updates from the convention floors, and so much more. And soon will be doing more than just podcasts like streaming and full YouTube episodes. This new format also allows us to have more guest on that will bring in more diverse points of views. Basically it comes down to MORE of us! Please be patient as we make the changes in the following weeks. We will also be holding off on new shows to give the server and all podcast providers time for the name changes. Thank-you all for joining us and we look forward to the future!

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