This Week: Movie Reviews for Aladdin, Brightburn, and John Wick 3


Hey all! We had some scheduling difficulties this week between some having work and others vacation. Lucky you… That means MORE FRANK! I know, I know, best day ever! Instead of the normal episode with Nerd News and some reviews I’m doing 3 of our one-off movie reviews. I had no plans this weekend so I got to know my local theater popcorn lady very well. First we have Aladdin. Disney’s in live action remake fever and now we have our favorite street rat taking on Jafaar with Will Smith at his side. Yes, Will Smith, and he was the best part. Second is Brightburn. What if Kal El decided to laser everyone instead of becoming Superman? Lets find out! Lastly we have the over do John Wick Chapter 3 review. I’m excited for this one. These have been so good with the perfect cast. Hopefully the trend continues. Today is our first review then we have the others coming out over the next couple of days. We will be back next week with our regular episode with all the juicy news. HINT: We were RIGHT about the Old Republic movie!!! #Flex

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