This Week: E3 2019 Reviews


Hey all! We have E3 this week! For the next three days we will be reviewing the news coming out of the conference. First episode we cover EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda. EA tried to create a festival like event called EA PLay. We see updates coming to APEX Legends including an all new ranked mode. Finally I can go for the bronze! Next is the Western Theater update to Battlefield. A rarely visited war front of WW2 that had unique and challenging locations. FIFA 20 is taking it to the streets. Next game will give you 3v3 and 4v4 matches that will feel like a pick up games in local neighborhoods. Lately for EA they talked Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This was the big one for them. A full game play video shows us level and character design. We remain unimpressed but hoping for the best.


Microsoft brought the heat like usual! Project Scarlet is the current title for their next system. It boast a ton of power with a focus on the avid gamer. We also get more news on their streaming future and some updates to Game Pass. As for the games, Microsoft showed off their continued support for Indy developers. These smaller games are growing in popularity. They give more people an avenue to tell their stories their way. For those big games we are looking at Gears 5, Halo Infinite, and Cyberpunk 2077. Gears 5 is getting a new game mode called Escape and has some good looking teasers. Halo Infinite trailer was excellent! But anything with Master Chief is excellent! and Cyberpunk was disappointing because we didn’t get any game play …wait…is that KEANU REEVES! Sold! Yes, Keanu is coming to Cyberpunk.


Bethesda wraps things up. First lets just get it out of the way, no Elder Scrolls 6. What they did show was Doom Eternal, ES Blades, Fallout 76 fixes, and Ghost Wire: Tokyo. Doom Eternal seems exciting and fun plus we all agreed to give it a try. Ghost Wire looks beautiful but no clue what kind of game it will be. Blades is coming to switch, making a mobile game slightly less mobile. Not a fan to be honest. And Fallout 76 is getting some major love. The two big highlights were human NPC’s coming to the game and an added Battle Royal mode.


The winner so far was clearly Xbox but with Sony staying home the deck is stacked in their favor. Tomorrow we are reviewing Google Stadia and Ubisoft. Can’t wait!

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