Hey all! We will be discussing San Diego Comic-con this week. We have already shared the wide variety of trailers we will be talking about. The other big discussion is all the awesome news from Marvel. We are getting a good look at MCU phase 4. Below we will be posting all the title cards for the announcements. These are from the Marvel site (, check them out for more details!


First is the Eternals. Personally I do not know much about them outside their basic origin story. The best way to pitch them to my is “They were Jack Kirby’s project.” SOLD! Jack Kirby is possibly the most influential creator in Marvel history and specialized in bringing the cosmic universe to Marvel. I’ll put my faith in Marvel and Kirby’s hand on this one.


I’m very excited for this new series coming to the upcoming Disney+ service. I hope we see Falcon grow into his new role as Captain America.


Another IP I’m not familiar free with, but I love when we get more Asian culture in Western media. The hidden big news is that they are bringing in the “real” Manderian here!


It’s the love story of Scarlet Witch and Vision. Going to be honest, not hyped at all. I don’t see much story coming from this new series.


From no hype to ALL HYPE! Loki is loose! This is the continuation of Loki from the altered timeline in Avengers: Endgame. What will he be up to???


I need me some more Dr.Strange. And this title is SO comic book! We will also see Scarlet Witch join Strange on his adventure.


The hidden gem. What if…’s are some of my favorite one offs in comic books. Think of a Marvek version of Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, but animated. Should be great!


Hawkeye is back and is joined by the possible future Hawkeye, Kate Bishop. Probably will be his daughter in the MCU.


I mean look at that title. This is going to be fun for sure. Plus Natalie Portman is back to wield the hammer.


This is our first phase 4 film and takes place before Infinity War. We need to see more Black Widow and she feels under served so far.


Here it is! The biggest announcement yet! Blade is back! Get HYPED!!!

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