Next Show: Lion King Review


Hey all! We have a couple episode coming your way. First up is a review for the new Lion King. This was a solid movie and essentially a full on remake of the original classic. Before we go any farther lets get that spoiler warning out there. Although there is not much to spoil on this one. The story had one notable change. Scar was less in charge of the hyenas and closer to hiring the hyenas. This may seem minor but it hanges the perception of Scar’s power through out the film until the final battle with Simba. He goes from and evil usurper to a coward schemer. As for the directing by Jon Favreau. It was a job well done. For the most part it was a copy of the source materiel but there were some noticeable shots that conveyed emotion beyond whats was simply being displayed. The biggest complaint in his choices was the extended “hair” scene that eventually brings Rafiki back to Simba. The music was simply the same as the original. Same score, same songs. Only changes is who sang the songs and one new addition from Beyonce. This movie did not take any chances but in general was a retread of the original. Join us with our bigger discussion coming out Monday.


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