Next Show: The Boys, Scary Stories, and Rocko’s Modern Life Reviews


Hey all! This week we start with checking in on the reviews. Thanks so much for those that have reviewed us on iTunes so far. Next we dig into a bit of news like the new Resident Evil show coming to Netflix and the new director for Venom 2. Our first review will be Amazon Prime’s The Boys. I will warn you now that I get a little long window as I explain a couple of my favorite scenes. Next Review is for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, based of the children ghost stories books. Looks like we have another annual horror film to watch. Lastly we discuss Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling from Netflix. We have a pretty deep conversation here as we delve into the change of tone half way into the 45 minute special. I want to reaffirm that our complaints are NOT on the content it self or the subject matter but with the tonal shift into a morally driven show unlike Rocko of the 90’s. Thank you so much for the listen and hope you enjoy the show!

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