Next Show: WoW Classic!


Hey all! I’m going to try and contain myself here… It’s WoW Classic time. WOOOOT! HYYYYYPE! HELL YEEEEESSS! Sorry about that *straighten tie*. In this episode we are going over our favorite moments in our favorite game. What you need to do in preparation. The release schedule for all the Classic “Phases”. Some of the big changes you may not remember. The very funny “Not a Bug List” released by Blizzard. And Lastly what we will be doing and where to find us. We will be joined by Daniel (Shaman/Hunter) and Scott (Warlock). This is Scott’s first episode but we are excited to have him on this one. He is an old school Vanilla player, even indulging on the private servers. Daniel came in during Wrath of the Lich king and I’m a Burning Crusade baby. This has to be the most prepared episode yet. Its 15 years in the making.

Also, This week we are releasing our Retro Rewind for Super Mario Bros. 3, Freebie Games for Fez, and the three MiniCast about Avatar season 4, Lootboxes, and The State of Esports.

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