Next Show: Boxwrecker Arena Review, WoW Classic Review, Comic Book Club Launch, and Much More!

Boxwrecker, WoW Classic, Comic Book Club Launch

Hey all! We got a busy one here. Lets get some of the side conversations done. First We talk about the Face Off reboot. We all have suggestions for the new leads but I think mine are the most “budget-reasonable”. Next, Russo Brothers talk about returning to the MCU. They want to try out some of the new IPs like X-Men and Fantastic 4. The Marvel system tends to wear directors down but these guys seems to be more durable than others. We also briefly discuss Dark Crystal and how we simply cannot get into it. The puppets may not be a medium that works for me anymore. Nothing against the excellent work put into this project. 

     Our big topics start with my Boxwrecker Arena review. This is a fun fast paced puzzler that keeps your adrenaline pumping. We are also giving away 3 copies for Steam! Like the tweet for this episode to enter. Next is the WoW Classic review. We share the feeling of the long grind through Azeroth. Lastly is the launch of Comic Book Club! Once a month we will be doing a Book Report (4th grader style) of one of the staple of comics. This week we pick our first ones. Hope you enjoy the show!

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