This Month in Geekdom

Hey all! We are going to try a new monthly post about everything we published over the month. We’ll go over the podcast first than they YouTube channel.


This month we released five episodes of the podcast. Starting off was our D23 episode that covered all the announcements including the Obi Wan series and Spider-Man leaving the MCU. In this episode we also had our interview with Mark Verma, the creator of “Grain”.
Obi Wan Series, New “Grain” Comic Book, Spider-Man Leaving, and D23 Announcements

Next we talked about the upcoming holiday events coming to Disneyland and Universal Studios. We also went over our Top 5 theme park rides. It’s always fun to do these top 5’s. They were wearing us out when it was our only format but now they are simply a lot of fun.
Holiday Events and Top 5 Theme Park Rides

Our following episode was action packed! Ninentdo Direct revealed Super Nintendo joining the already amazing online service. The Apple Event showed off a whole new line up including iphones, ipad, Apple TV and more. We also did our in depth review for It Chapter 2 and Gears 5.
Nintendo Direct, Apple Event, It: Chapter 2 and Gears 5 Reviews

Our last episode of the month was our Boxwrecker Arena and WoW Classic Review. We also launched the Comic Book Club! So excited about CBC, and already hard at work for our first episode coming next month about Watchmen. I think our format for these will be like giving a book report back in elementary school. Think it will be a lot of fun.
Boxwrecker Arena Review, WoW Classic Review, Comic Book Club Launch, and Much More!

On our YouTube front we had a big month in Freebie Games. We also released many MiniCasts; the bite sized versions of our podcast. And our monthly Retro Rewind.


For Freebie Games we got a bunch of classics like The End is Nigh, ABZU, Conaruim and Metro 2033. The biggest win for us has to be the Batman collections. The Arkham Trilogy and all three Lego Batman games. What a steal!

For the MiniCast we have all the D23 details! And we had a specially edited interview with Mark Verma that was later used for the “Grain” kickstarter campaign. We also post our full video podcast if we don’t have the video for our MiniCast.

And of course our monthly Retro Rewind. This month was a special one as I was joined by my Nephew and Niece (Brody and Brooklyn). We played the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros. Best part is watching two modern games struggle with this basic side scroller.

For next month we have so many fun things planned. Including our first CBC for Watchmen, a Retro Rewind about N64’s Diddy Kong Racing, and the beginning of Blizzcon which will be a whole event on our twitter/Youtube pages. Also Check out our merch store. We got the Frank shirts in with my B-E-A-U-tiful self! via @redbubble

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