Next Show: Joker Review, Aer Head Interview, and NYCC

Joker, Aer Head, NYCC

Hey all! First thing first, we are adjusting the podcast thumbnails to be a streamlined and simplified design. The original design was meant to simulate our main logo but it unfortunately crazy a busy lower third and makes reading the title somewhat difficult. Hope you like the new look.
The first thing we are talking about this week is the new Joker Film. We will start spoiler free then get into all the details. This is one of those movies you must go to dinner afterwards so you can process the message of this movie with friends. The slow mental decent of Arthur Fleck was heart wrenching and triumphant. At story feels both impossible and very true.
Next is our interview with Mindy Indy about here new comic book “Aer Head”. Aer Head is a comic that follows Aer (lifeguard/surfer) as he struggles to control he’s ESP. The art style is much like the an 80’s cartoon or an anime and challenge the reader by morphing comic book panel norms. Lastly we go over the news out of New York comic Con. New comic series and trailers are abound and we are hyped to discuss them!

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