Next Show: Our First Comic Book Club!

Watchmen CBC1

Hey all! This week is our very first Comic Book Club. Our goal with CBC is to review and discuss some of the biggest staples in comic book history. We will go over both the story itself and it’s importance in comics.

First is Watchmen by Alan Moore. We came in with a bang! This might be the most important comic book for modern readers because in made adult themed comics main stream. Dark stories that talked mature topics existed before Watchmen but none were as successful or acclaimed. After Watchmen, the world had to start paying attention to the medium as a source for storytelling that was previously ignored and chalked up to child’s play.

We will introduce the creators of Watchmen, writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. Go over the quick synopsis of a New York with caped vigilantes. Discuss some of Watchmen’s special highlights like the Nine panel layout and the comic with a comic “Tales of the Black Freighter”. Then for the bulk of the review will go go over the entire story from start to finish. We finish thing with sequels, film, and series.

As this is our first CBC we ask for your feedback even more than usual. This is a ‘heaver’ subject than the other comics we will be going over, so expect them to generally be shorter. Any advice would be appreciated!

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