Next Show: BlizzCon 2019 Predictions

Blizzcon 2019 Predictions

Hey all! This is our Blizzcon Pregame show. We go over the Blizzcon titles and discuss what we expect to see and some of our long shots.

Heroes of the Storm has a dormant eSports division and a skeleton crew keeping up maintenance. We want to see this game get some love. Bring back the eSports and possible set up a new rewards system.

  Hearthstone has been all over the news, and not for good reasons. We talk about what this presentation will look like with the Boycott Blizzard clouds over head.

  Diablo is about to have a big year. All the leaks show that we are getting Diablo 4! What will a new Diablo look like? Will we get new classes? New gameplay? How will they change one of the staple games in the Blizzard library?

  StarCraft has been quiet. Recent news from explains that a StarCraft FPS was in the works but had been shuttered to focus on a new Diablo and Overwatch. We will probably get some cosmetic updates but not much more.

  Overwatch is about to make a splash. All signs show we are getting OVERWATCH 2. So hyped! We are really hoping for a campaign focused sequel. New champs and maps as well of course. 

  World of Warcraft is my most played game, therefore the most anticipated. We should be getting a new expansion. Probably Shadowlands like the famous leak says. I really hope we hear how Classic affects the future of retail wow. All in all, it’s shaping up to be an awesome BlizzCon! Stick with us for all the big announcements!

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