This Month in Geekdom: October 2019

October 20191

Hey all! This was a very busy month in Geekdom. Our Freebie games covered QUBE 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Surviving Mars, and Minit. Our Podcast was packed with an interview with Mindy Indy, Reviews for Joker and Breakpoint. We recapped all of the Arrowverse so you can go into the current season informed. It was our first Comic Book Club with Watchmen. And finally we both had an in depth conversation about Boycott Blizzard then our Normal BlizzCon coverage. A difficult situation that we approached with sources and an open mind.


On our YouTube channel we kicked thing off strong with our Diddy Kong Racing Retro Rewind. The most played game of my childhood. This was a racer that gave you a small open world to be your starting point.

The Freebie Games this were very fun and different in gameplay. From a civilization builder like Surviving Mars to a sequel to a past Freebie Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

We had many MiniCast this month including our interview with comic creator Mindy Indy. We discussed here new comic Aer Head. We also had an extensive chat about Joker with and without spoilers.

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