Next Show: Interview with Director/Writer Nora K, Fortnite Youtuber Banned, and Joker 2 Discussions

Interview with Nora K, Fortnite Ban, Joker 2

Hey all! This week we start things off with an interview with Nora K. Nora is the director and writer of the award winning series ‘Whisper Naked Shadow’. This was a very interesting talk as we discuss the series and the process of bringing an idea to theaters across the world.

Next we talk about the lifetime Fortnite ban of Jarvis Khattri for cheating with an aimbot. We open with pure opinion then follow up with some reasoning. We also respond to Ninja’s statement. This segment is not G rated.

Lastly we talk about the Joker 2 announcement and the performance of the first Joker. As is typically with all Joker talk, we get off track fast.

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