New Witcher Map Makes Watching Easier

Netflix’s Witcher has released a new beautiful interactive map that breaks down both locations and the confusing timeline. There are man new fans the the Witcher Universe because of the Netflix series but the story picks up after many events have already occurred. MV5BOGE4MmVjMDgtMzIzYy00NjEwLWJlODMtMDI1MGY2ZDlhMzE2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzY0MTE3NzU@._V1_ For those that are new, the show has an air of mystery as you try to answer some questions through context. Questions like “What happened to the Witchers?” and “Why are the nations at war?”. These questions will be answered as the show continues and can also be researched through the books and wildly popular games, but the new map is a great deal of help.


Annotation 2020-01-11 104715

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