Top 5 Disneyland Rides

Frank’s List

Hey all! Our friend Diana is down at Disneyland and share the pics. This is getting me hyped to return to the happiest place on earth. Until than I’ll have to do a Top 5 to hold me off!

5. Haunted Mansion

Haunted_Mansion_ExteriorThis is a classic! Not only does this ride bring me back to the best of Disneyland, I also always find something new in the line as I wait. You go on a tour through this Haunted Mansion and see what the ghosts are up to, mostly partying! Best time to visit is during the Holidays. Starting in early November the ride changes to Nightmare Before Christmas themed. This and main street are the very best of Disneyland during the Holidays!

4. Indiana Jones Adventures

indiana-jones-adventureMy very first ride. Our first visit to Disneyland when I was a child was the opening summer for the Indy ride. I hadn’t seen the movie, but that didn’t matter. As you explore farther into the temple the tension and excitement rise. Then you hop in your jeep and go for a thrilling adventure that ends with a narrow escape and ‘See you later” with Indy himself. This ride is very immersive and a must visit.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-800x400If you asked people “What ride is a MUST at Disneyland?”, I have a strange feeling most would say Pirates of Caribbean. It really has it all. A beautiful entrance with a short but detail filled line. You board boats and begin your journey by passing through a Cajun style swamp setting. There is the misty cave with a couple small drops. The ride really starts when you emerge on the sea and find yourself between a ship firing on a fortress. The majority of the ride is you going through the canals of a free for all pirate town. This is gem of Disney animatronics. They may feel a bit dated today, but those were tech marvels of there time. If possible be sure to get lunch at the Blue Bayou; a restaurant nestled into the ride itself.

2. Space Mountain

q38op7ezjgw21.jpgWanna go fast? Welcome to Space Mountain! This is a fully indoor coaster that is known for one big feature, your in pitch black darkness. You can’t see the turn or the drops! This makes for such a fast paced thriller! They change up this ride as well making it Hyperspace Mountain. During this event you are in the midst of a Star Wars space battle bringing down the tie fighters that are projected on the normally dark walls. This is the peak of coaster excitement in my book!

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

sdkjfn38103Thunder Mountain is always my first and last ride when I visit Disneyland. It’s simply a very well designed coaster. You on a train going through a mining camp/town. This ride has moments when it’s VERY fast and and it’s falls are enough to be exciting without being “scary”. When I think of Disneyland, It’s Thunder Mountain that I’m picturing.

Lets us know what your favorite ride is on social media!


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