Too Late Review: Read Dead Redemption 2

What a game! I am a big Western fan so I was excited to finally sit down and play Red Dead Redemption 2. I completely loved it and can’t suggest it enough. It is a very long campaign but I approached it like an AMC or HBO series and just enjoyed the ride.

Score: 97/100

See my detailed review for this game below.


Arthur and Bill

The story is one of the biggest highlights for this game. You follow Arthur Morgan, an outlaw following your gang’s smooth talking leader Dutch. The events of the game takes place before Red Dead Redemption One and lead you into that game’s protagonist, John Marston. The general point of the game is trying to find a new life for you and the gang where you can be free. Through a series of misadventures and changing allegiances, your plans change and your search for freedom becomes one of …redemption.


rdr 2 pc
Riding and a Fast Pace

This is primarily a third person game (first available, but don’t) with a lot of horse riding and gunfights. The horse come in a variety and all handle very well. Has to be the best horse control I’ve played yet. Looking at you Witcher. The shooting is similar to Rockstars other games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead 1. With a pull of the aim trigger, you lock onto a target and if your gun is strong, they die. Rockstar is not trying to make your aim the focus so usually the challenge is in the great number of enemies. The last important gameplay feature is the Dead Eye targeting. This slows down time so you can shoot your targets. I found myself very rarely using this ability. The game has many small additions like hunting, cooking, grooming, side mission, and more to make you feel like a real person in a real world


The Beautiful Landscape

Stunning. That’s basically it. The environment is so beautiful that I found my self stopping and admiring the setting on many occasions. Light shafts and shadow were particularly well done. The character graphics were solid as well. Something I assume would be challenging because Arthur’s hair will change length depending on the players grooming habits. Attire was unique and interesting. My go to was a vest with white undershirt. Basically Doc Holiday at the poker table. Love Doc Holiday and always try to replicate him. Easy in this game.


Sadie Adler

A sound track that reminds you of the first game’s wonderful music. The music is both Western theme and always changing based on your environment. I really liked the Rhodes soundtrack and its almost Cajun feel. The voice work is perfect. I mean perfect. All the characters are diverse and their voices really pull their personalities out. Sadie and Dutch are major highlights. I would LOVE a Sadie sequel.


Jon and Arthur

I have played the GTA 5 campaign five and a half times. I’m a big fan of Rockstar’s story telling. Many disagree with that, but I enjoy the way they deliver the main story and the side stories just further build your character. Red Dead Redemption is the best version of this. As soon as I finished I wanted to replay the first game again because the story begs you to stick with these characters. I know I’ll be returning to this world. There is also a HUGE online community if that is what you are seeking. I personally play for the story but I have heard many good thing about the online game.



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