New Smash Bros. Announcement on January 16th!

Game director Masahiro Sajurai will be holding a livestream on Jan. 16th at 6am PST that will be 35 mins long. Set your alarm fellow Cali friends. This announcement is expected to show the DLC schedule for the 2020 season and reveal the next fighter to join this massive roster.

The new fighter speculations are already in high gear with two name trending at the top…Dante and Sora. Dante is the protagonist of the Devil May Cry franchise and would probably have a similar play style to Cloud but with a nice ranged poke ability with his duel pistols. Sora is the lead of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Sora would be a button smasher with some spells to change things up like a fireball and wave. I’m expecting a Marth like play style. The big question is would Disney allow ANY of their character join Smash? Sora’s specials could have Goofy or Donald can jump in but this opens a flood gate that Disney probably wouldn’t allow. 

Both these characters would make for fun additions, but the best part of a new announcement is the proof that Nintendo will continue to support this community building game.


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