Ninja Skin coming to Fortnite

Look, lets start off honestly. We as a group don’t care for Ninja. We wont get into slamming him here, but listeners know this. Now, it’s important to understand that Ninja has worked hard to get where he’s at. And this Skin is in honor of the success he has achieved. So to that, we say congratulations to Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Fortnite is adding a skin that looks like their most famous streamer, Ninja. It will have his iconic blue hair with a sweatshirt and his personal logo on the sleeve. The skin will be available starting tomorrow until the 19th. Ninja made this announcement this morning on his stream.EOVNAkzWoAQez73

“It happened. It’s official, we finally got a Ninja skin. In the game. In Fortnite. We did it,” Blevins said. “I’m just really excited about this, I’m excited to share this with you guys, If you put the time in, the effort in, anything is possible. That’s just facts.”

This is the first Icon Series skin, but there are more to come according to Epic Games. What real life personality would you want to see in game? Personally, I would enjoy Kathy Bates skin. I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. She can get the hammer from Misery as her pickaxe, her parachute could be her giant hat from Titanic, and she is an amazing icon that transcends a stunning acting career with her charity work to fight lymphadema. Yes it’s out there but I think Epic would sell some skins with it!



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