Top 5 Disappointing Games

Frank’s Opinion

The next Top 5 out of the Tupperware of Topics is Disappointments in Gaming. This is one of those topics that should actually be considered the Worst 5 but are always fun to think about. As for disappointing games you could really go year by year or talk about each genre. This is heavily due to the hype behind the games once announced from lofty features announced and cinematic trailers that set up a world that is begging to be explored. There are many not named here that everyone can agree were massive disappointments like Mass Effect 3 and Sim City but these are Frank’s Top 5. Feel free to respond on our socials with what game disappointed you the most!

5. The Order: 1886pBmi82rqGp9hG8ivoAbnPU

This game had a cinematic trailer that built so much hype that could never be lived up to. It takes place in 19th century London and you are a member of a secret society tasked with hunting down vampires and werewolves. It sounds awesome! Unfortunately this game was essentially a series of cut scenes with terrible controls in between. The Order: 1886 was trying to set up an entire franchise before developing a solid first game.

4. Perfect Dark Zeroapps.35337.63613604984995316.d403620a-54b7-4a68-9850-e3bfda4c2552

This was the sequel to N64’s Perfect Dark, which was a spiritual sequel to the legendary Golden Eye. The pedigree this game boasted before launched had the preorders coming in. But what we got was a sloppy shooter filled with terrible AI enemies and partial ideas. The campaign felt like a basic Steven Seagal flick and the multiplayer was painfully lackluster. Especially since the multiplayer for Golden Eye was game changing.

3. Assassin’s Creed Unity7ddda6d50427793a211315615ce16a825efa99aa

This game had one of the easiest lead ins possible. After the miss step of Assassins Creed 3, Ubisoft bounced back strong with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. All they had to do was take what worked and repeat the formula. Which is basically all Ubisoft does anyways. When announced they even added a co-op that looked fun and got friends to start working out schedules right after the E3 announcement. What we got was a game so filled with bugs, convoluted plot, and uninspiring characters that the game was almost unplayable. Ubisoft even gave the game away free twice. Once to say they were sorry for the bugs and again after the burning of Notre Dame. I have always enjoyed completing ACs in the past and still have not completed this game.

2. Fallout 7617f420c0b297519d0f4bdbe7d9366cddcebd1e57

Fallouts have always been bug filled, to the point that it’s almost charming. But when they announced a live multiplayer game, some of us chose to forget the past and instead look forward to the amazing possibilities. I was one of these poor fools. When Fallout 76 released, players found themselves in an empty world, with dated graphics, and of course endless bugs. This game felt much more like the indy games it was inspired by and less like the AAA title people were expecting. Much like the first place on this list, the company has been working quick to fix the problem but many feel this game should not have been released when it so incomplete.

1. No Man’s Sky19f982f28d736c878b323b2d78f7bd7d07d70c831a2f8b3244fcb1de41d75ae3_product_card_v2_mobile_slider_639

Few announcement trailers get me as excited for new IP as No Man’s Sky. This game promised endless exploration that would change the gaming industry. Coming off titles like Minecraft, this was something players were craving. Instead we got a very boring game with five rotating planets and creatures that felt like repeats with different colors. Hello Games has since gone through and completely renewed their game while with free DLC’s and providing some of the missing features. But no one will forget the huge disappointment of an industry changer that turned out to be an Alpha version of a basic mineral farming game.

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