Picard Episode 1 Review – No Spoilers

star-trek-picard-dahj-isa-brionesWow what a show! The premier episode of Picard on CBS All Access released on the Jan. 23rd and sets up a strong series long arc that will lean on connections from Jean-Luc’s past. Picard himself is a man facing both old age and regrets. We watch as he enjoys his retired life on the winery and the company of his assistants but continues to dream of a horrible past event that has change Starfleets stance on Synthetic Life. Our other major character we are introduced to is Dahj. She is a young women leading and average life when suddenly an unknown secret from her past forces her to take action and seek out Jean-Luc Picard. Their revelations together will create the journey going forward.star-trek-picard-title-revealed-750x480

Very happy to be back in the Star Trek universe. This show definitely feels closer to Discovery than Next Generation. The old school fans will not be happy with that fact but Discovery fans are in for a treat. If we keep an open mind than this can be a bridge between to Trekkie factions. As a universal Trekkie, that loves all Trek content, I’m very happy with this new series and what it can bring to the fandom. I found myself cheering, reminiscing and excited for the next episode. Can’t ask for more than that. 88/100!

We also just released our very first Pop Quiz! video. Today’s topic is of course Jean-Luc Picard. This was very time consuming to make but now that we have the first one, we have learned a lot. We are hoping to release two of these a month. And would like to make them about current geek topics as they are a fun way to remind us about things we love. Link below!

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