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1500x500Our next Creator Corner will showcase Ronin Geek. I came across this team through their podcast but they’ve been working hard since 2014 with a website focused on geek news and interesting reviews. You can check out the site here but I will mostly be discussing their amazing podcast.

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Old Album Art (missing Adam)

The Ronin Geek Official Podcast is hosted by Alex, Rob, and Adam as they delve deep into the latest in geek life. They will often discuss the news out of gaming, movies and tv but with informed opinions that often differ. Creating a lively debate over topics that any geek/nerd would be passionate about. A special bonus to the show is the DnD tales. I often enjoy DnD stories even though I don’t play. And from Rob and Adam’s stories it sounds like a blast.

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I hope you will take a moment to check Ronin Geek Official Podcast out. They are not only excellent podcasters but real pals. I have chatted with Alex in the past asking for ideas on our live show. The Ranked bored we used was his idea and worked great! Through our community we have made many podcast pals but these were one of the first! Below are the links to all thing Ronin.






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