This Month in Geekdom: January 2020

Every January we stop and look at what we are doing. We see what can be done better and what we want to try out.

First what will be shelved. The biggest thing we will be putting on hold is our Freebie Games. This was a lot of fun but after looking at what has been working and most importantly what hasn’t been working, it was clear that Freebie Games wasn’t going to work out. The big conclusion from both Freebie Games and the current version of Retro Rewind is that YouTube is simply too crowded in the gameplay field. YouTube algorithm actually suppresses gameplay videos. They are not totally based on tags like other videos. Gameplay videos are only shown to those that regular seek out gameplay videos first. We will still inform everyone of the weekly free game through our revamped site, more on that later. And the Retro Rewind will get a revamp later this year as part of a passion project that Jonathan has been developing.

The New Site

Next is what we can do better. First is the website. What a huge improvement. Our previous site was only being used to post our “next shows”. Well as our researcher, I (Frank) figured I can use our site to work for us as well as useful to our fans. I previously would spend a full day our two gathering the week’s news and compiling the notes. I now spend an hour every morning searching our sources for news and put out a couple short articles with what would be my notes into paragraph form. These articles have the sources for those looking for more details. This results in more notes and topics with less crunch. And on your end, you get the news in a quick format in one location. This increases our average weekly topics from 6 to 10-12. The side effect on the podcast is a faster pace, something I’ve been wanting for a while. The website also offers reviews, creator shout outs and podcast/YouTube updates. As for YouTube. News of the week 1.27We will finally get back to filmed episode in February. Had technical difficulties but they are fixed now. We will also be creating a video called “News of the Week” that takes the first portion of the podcast and gives it the bite size treatment that the rest of the podcast gets.


bojackBest for last, what’s new! First up is our new Pop Quiz videos. These are simply 10 question quizzes on our YouTube channel that will focus on current releases. The quizes are also released one question at a time on Instagram, twitter, and tik tok. They are an example of what we wanted for our YouTube channel. Focused on a wider base in the geek community. Next is a new review format which is currently being work-shopped in our Picard review series. Instead of going scene by scene as we had in the past, we will be focusing on the big 5 or 10 plot points. This will keep the recap aspect short and give us more time for our opinions. As for the Podcast, which is always first priority, it will be improving from all other changes. We want to go at a little faster pace with more news in there. More Top 5’s which started back in November. That was something we promised after changing formats but could have done better. We have also purchased some new tools to play fun games on random episodes to follow up the light news weeks. We will continue to try and improve Geek Freaks. If there is anything you want more or less of, please let us know! We are all in this together!


The Podcast is going strong. Here is our Chartable Link

New Comic Book Club: Flashpoint

First Pop Quiz!


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