Sam Raimi Possibly Joining Doctor Strange 2

"Spider-Man 2" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Sam Raimi

Yesterday was blown up by news that Sam Raimi was in talks to join Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. We held out talking about this due to the nature of it’s speculation. There was nothing firm yet and everyone was getting too excited over possibilities. Same thing happened when Joaquin Phoenix got the role as Doctor Strange… to only be changes to Benedict.

After some additional research the situation has become too big to ignore, so instead of confirming this, let’s talk about what it could mean. I want to make one thing clear, these are only my (Frank) opinions. In the end we are all wanting Raimi to be successful because we all win.


He made the ‘Toby’ Spider-Man movies. At the time these movies were the closest thing to MCU type super heroes movies we could fine and likely influenced Marvel’s attempt at Iron Man. Spider-man 2 specifically is possibly the best directed super hero film to date. This was also a Spider-Man that leaned on Peter first, than Spidey. Pinnacle for a good Spider-Man and why Tom Holland is so well received. He also has a long filmography with some deep story and a ton of horror. A Simple Plan and The Quick and The Dead are proof that he can “Coen” with the best of them. And his horror film expertise would be needed for MCU’s first attempt at a horror film. Doctor Strange 2 is meant to delve in horror and insanity, something a young director may not be able to handle.


He made the ‘Toby’ Spider-Man movies. That includes the dumpster fire known as Spider-Man 3. Other big budget films under his helm are Oz the Great and Powerful and Poltergiest (2015). If you watched these films then you are as worried as I am. With a big budget, Raimi attempts to do too much. And MCU has the biggest budget in the game. Dr. Strange does require more CGI than many other MCU films so the money will be needed to make those spells look amazing. I don’t want Raimi trying to shoehorn five villains with a convoluted plot. Another problem with this is the change in Marvel’s inner workings. In the past Marvel has given projects to smaller directors and with that MCU formula they made house hold names like James Gunn, Taika Waititi, and Ryan Coogler. Something Marvel could truly be proud of. Giving this film to Raimi may feel safer but we are also loosing the opportunity to meet a new horror director that so far has been under the radar.

I’m excited for Dr Stranger and the Multiverse of Madness. What ever Marvel does, I know that they will keep the project within their vision. I hope the director uses this moment to shine and provide another outstanding Dr Strange film.

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