Four New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo announced two NES and two SNES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online on February 19th. The NES games are Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Dual. The SNES games are Pop’n TwinBee and Smash Tennis. We also have a huge sale that includes many titles under $20.

Here are the descriptions from Wiki for the four games added to NSO: 

Super Nintendo:

2Pop’n TwinBee is a top-view shoot-’em-up game originally released in 1993 by Konami for the Super Famicom in Japan. The game was also released for the Super NES in the PAL region, but not in North America. It is the sixth game in the TwinBee series and a direct follow-up to the arcade game Detana!! TwinBee

1Smash Tennis controls work similar to other tennis games and especially Namco’s previous tennis game World Court Tennis: the player moves the athlete over the court and presses buttons with the correct timing in order to win the match. This time there is no story mode, but a tournament mode instead. Here the goal is to win the Grand Slam by playing various tournament matches. However. a match only has a single set. There are 20 athletes (both male and female) to choose from which have different advantages and drawbacks.


220px-Shadow_of_the_Ninja_coverShadow of the Ninja story is set in 2029, the evil Emperor Garuda has taken over the United States of America, building a stronghold in the middle of the nation’s “largest city”. To stop Garuda and avenge the innocent lives that were lost in his reign, two ninja masters from the Iga clan, Lord Hayate and Lady Kaede, are sent to infiltrate the dictator’s well-guarded stronghold and kill him.

4With Eliminator Boat Duel drivers earn thousands of dollars by competing in powerboat races, setting track records, rescuing stranded people, and collecting cash bonuses. With these winnings they can repair or upgrade various components of the boat to improve racing performance and remain competitive in the increasingly difficult races.

Here is the tweet announcing the games with a short video.

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