StarCraft: Ghost Gameplay Leaked

2A video of an original Xbox build of StarCraft: Ghost has leaked online giving us a first gameplay look of Blizzard’s cancelled game. Ghost was an odd move as they had always focused on PC games. This was their first game to be developed specifically for the PS2 and Xbox. The game was a stealth shooter that featured Nova the Ghost taking on Zerg with her Psyblade, Sniper Rifle and AGR14. Along with a full campaign, was a complete multiplayer that would have rivaled Halo 2. Ghost experienced many delays and changes leading to it’s official cancellation in 2014. 1

The leaked footage apparently comes from an Xbox dev kit. The player follows Nova as she infiltrates a base of some sort and fights of Zerg. Below is the video but many features are missing. The player never stealths and that is an important facet to Ghost fighting style. The stealth mode also offers stealth kills and the ability to see through heavy fog. Some have commented that the aiming is typically better as well. With a focus on aiming while walking and interacting with doors. This fits well with Nova’s other appearances in Heroes of the Storm and her novels.

3Now that this footage has leaked, perhaps Blizzard will attempt to salvage pieces for a “reforged” version. It would make some money and they are not as focused on polish as they were when the game was cancelled. A version where you would go in and complete random missions would be fun and easy to complete because you wouldn’t need the full campaign.


Source: Engadget PCGamer

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