Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay at PAX East – Updated

Edit: While at PAX East we got about 2 hours of gameplay. There were bug and mistakes but made for a very entertaining gameplay reveal. Below is the video that Larian Studios streamed out. This one is presented by Stadia but is posted on the Baldur’s Gate 3 website.

Larian Studios is gearing up for PAX East with the announcement of gampeplay footage and additional details for Baldur’s Gate 3. At E3 2019 we got the first trailer for the resurrected Baldur’s Gate and the hype was quick and fierce. We learned that this Dungeons and Dragons based game will be embracing The Old One Cthulhu, with all his power to corrupt and his endless forces. The trailer was beautiful and a high point of last year’s E3 but we were left wanting some gameplay.

Annotation 2020-02-18 232338
Teaser Image from Larian Studios

Larian is picking up the mantle after almost 20 years dormancy since BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate 2. They are generally trusted after their work on  Divinity 2: Original Sin which both capitalized on the their successes of Divinity 1 while improving many systems and creating a story worthy of a sequel. Players are hoping for the same care for in depth story and characters seen in the Divinity games brought over to Baldur’s Gate franchise. We will be reviewing the gameplay trailer once announced and cover all of PAX East as usual. It should be very exciting!

Here is Larian’s announcement YouTube video:

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