Star Wars: Clone Wars S7E1 ‘The Bad Batch’ Review

Annotation 2020-02-21 105249Clone Wars is back! This will be a brief spoiler free review of the first returning episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars. Clone Wars was brought back for a final season on Disney + with the original team…and it feels like it never left! There are two plots running concurrently during this episode. One plot follows a familiar group of clones including Rex, Cody, Jesse, and Kix as they venture to a planet to investigate why the Separatist Army are now able to predict all the Clone Armies battle plans. They are joined by a notorious Clone regiment called Clone Force 99 but nicknamed The Bad Batch. Annotation 2020-02-21 10524911The Bad Batch are clones that had advantages malformations giving these clones a slightly different look but traits that make them special. Hunter is their leader and able to track anything, Wrecker is the strong man that can lift a star ship, Tech is a genius at all things tech, and lastly is Crosshair the marksman expert. The back and forth of these very different units is the bulk of the episode and hearken to the type of episode we would see in the past. Exploring clone life and giving us more detail than the movies ever could. The other plot focuses on Rex who has a hunch that an old friend is still alive and possibly working with the enemy. With out giving too much away, this story ties in the past to the present and gives us much more of Rex, my favorite clone. I am excited to see the rest of the season as it feel like it jumping right back into one of Star War’s best properties. The first episode gets a 92/100!

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