New Xbox Series X Details!

Microsoft has released some of the specs on the Xbox Series X and this machine is all about power.

The new Xbox is the most powerful Xbox yet with a custom designed processor from AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architecture. That’s four times the power of the Xbox One! This also gives the developers 12 teraflops of GPU to work with. 12 Tflops is eight times more than the launch Xbox One.

The new Variable Rate Shading gives developers the opportunity to prioritize individual effects. Instead of refreshing every pixel during every cycle, the VRS let’s devs focus on the amazing moves of the character or the beautiful environment they have built.

Speaking of environments, the Series X will have Hardware-accelerated Direct X Raytracing for the first time in any console. This will help create the awe inspiring lighting used in games like Sea of Thieves, Bethesda titles, and Gear of War 5.

The new Series X also boasts a new SSD storage that will bring you all your games faster and limit load time like never before. This was important for their new Quick Resume feature that lets resume multiple games where you left off. This is similar to the Xbox One, but the past generation could only handle one game at a time.

Xbox is also taking eSports very seriously with a focus on Dynamic Latency Input. This is a drive to bring down response times between player and console. The DLI will make every reaction important when you’re climbing the ranks. This new console will also support 120 fps for heightened realism and smooth movements. Paired with the HDMI 2.1 support, the Series X will feel like in the action.

The biggest question for many gamers is will it be backwards compatible? You’re in luck. The Series X is fully backwards compatible and able to play Xbox Original, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. It will even upgrade your experience with steadier frame-rates, faster load times and improved fidelity. Also if you buy a game on Xbox One, it’s in your library. No need to buy the game again on Series X.

The Game Pass will continue to bring all the big first party games to the console at launch. That includes this year’s Halo Infinite that was announced at E3 2018. There will be much more details to come at this year’s E3 starting June 9th.

Image from Xbox Wire


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