Overwatch Experimental Card Dropping Tomorrow!

Annotation 2020-02-24 143827Tomorrow we get the first Experimental Card to Overwatch. These EC’s are trial changes that Blizzard will use to test out some of the most extreme ideas for Overwatch’s future. In a video released today with Game Director Jeff Kaplan, they fixated on the experimental nature of this new mode. Trying to ease an possibly nervous fan-base. It is best to think of this as a wider alpha test with everything presented expected to be changed.

This first Experimental Card will be a test on lowering the Damage ques by changing the roles required from two of each into two healers, three damage and only one tank. This creates a higher demand for damage players and should lower the ques by nearly 50%. The effect on team play is the other portion that will be monitored. There will also be some big balance changes to the “off-tank” characters like D. Va and Roadhog. Making them more viable and the only tank in the match.

As a tank and healer player, that is the part I’m most concerned about. The adjustment in team compositions will take time as players experiment with ranged and melee champions. We will be trying this new mode out and streaming the results live tomorrow.

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