Sea of Thieves: Crews of Rage

Sea of Thieves has a new major content update that we’ve been streaming. Let’s talk about all the new fun things we got from the Crews of Rage.

Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-10.12.22-AMDuke is offering Bounty Voyages that will give players a chance to grab the new Chests of Rage and fight the new skellies. Each voyage will send you to The Devil’s Roar to grab a new cursed chest, the Chest of Rage. This chest will randomly blow up and spread fire so make sure to keep it cool with buckets of water. The chest can also be a weapon for skeletons if placed next to them and shot at. You can turn the chest in at the gold hoarders or get even more gold from the Mysterious Stranger on Reapers Hideout.

Sea-of-Thieves-Crews-of-RageThere is the final 5 tomes available as well that unlocks the full set of the Ashen Dragon cosmetics. Other new cosmetics are the bone crusher instruments, Red crab set, and the Rose set for valentines. There are also new Valentine weapons and pets. As for pets, there are new outfits and pet variations available. If you wish to change your look, that’s finally here. A new potion is available to change your pirate look. The final cosmetic coming this month is the Viva Pinata themed ship that is as colorful as the games/show.

seathieves_3093533bSkeleton forts have become rarer with the focus on the new Molten Sands Fortress in the Devil’s Roar. This is full of ashen skeletons, guardians and key-masters. But you are rewarded handsomely for your efforts with an even bigger pile of treasure.

Currently there is the Hunter’s Haul Event involving fishing goals. For the first week you have to catch 120 fish to receive 250 Doubloons. The next week is catching 60 trophy fishes for 300 Doubloons. If you complete both events you will receive the Gold Hoarders Figure Head.

They are also doing Twitch Drops.  If you watch their select streamer during a select time frame for at least 30 minutes you will receive in-game cosmetics. The streamers are on the Sea of Thieves site and this weekend you can get the Ebony Pole and Ebony Pistol. There is also double XP and Gold this Saturday to celebrate Leap Year.

Next Month’s big update got a teaser with the new cannonball, Chain Shot. This is two small cannon balls linked with a chain that does full damage if it hits a mast, anchor, or wheel. It will do less damage to the haul so careful with the aiming. Can’t wait for the next update, see you all on the high seas!

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