Microsoft to Hold a 2-Day Livestream Event Next Week

Microsoft has announced that they will be airing a 2-day livestream event with all the announcements that were originally planed for the cancelled Game Developers Conference. This event will be called Game Stack Live and begin March 17th at 10am PST. The released schedule looks like a typical large scale convention with panels that delving into devlopment and behind the scenes of their games. Some interesting panels mentioned is one focused on the Xbox Series X and Project xCloud and another panel on the new developments in DirectX and Raytracing. This is a good warm up to E3 2020 and will set the stage for all those fun E3 predictions we love. We’ll be sharing all the news from Microsoft’s Game Stack Live as it emerges.

Source: Microsoft Game Stack Twitter

Day 1 of Game Stack Live
Day 2 of Game Stack Live

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