New Batman and Harry Potter Games Were Supposed to Be Revealed at E3

With the cancelation of E3 2020, companies in the gaming industry have been sharing glimpses into their planned presentation. A particularly interesting development came from Jason Schreier of He shared that Warner Bros. Games were going to attend E3 for the first time to reveal a new Batman and Harry Potter game. Rumors have been swirling about possibly new games in these franchises over the last few weeks but nothing this concrete. The Batman game will not continue in the Arkham line but instead be a completely new franchise. As for Harry Potter, there have been hints that the new game will be an RPG. This would be an excellent IP for and RPG with it’s deep lore and passionate fans.

On a personal note, Warner Bros. Games is the most underrated game developer in the industry. They are often overlooked but publish fun and story driven games like the Arkham series, Shadow of Mordor series and Mortal Kombat 11. I have confidence in these new titles with WB Games’ resume.

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