Ubisoft, Devolver, and Xbox Planning Their E3 Replacements

After the cancellation of E3, we have heard from multiple developers about their plans moving forward. Xbox was first with the announcement of a live stream that will reveal all the announcements they originally had planned. No date yet but we will be updated through Xbox boss, Phill Spencer.


Annotation 2020-03-13 104923
Phil Spencer Tweet Announcing Xbox Plans

Devolver Studios shared that they will also do a live stream called Devolver Direct. They said it will be a press conference and possibly more.


Annotation 2020-03-13 105414
Devolver’s Response to E3 Cancelation 

Ubisoft has been a bit vaguer only saying that they will have a “digital event” to share news and plans. An important note added to their release is the statement that they will work with E3 in the future. More support for E3, a long time home for the gaming industry.

Annotation 2020-03-13 110923
Ubisoft’s Response to E3 Cancelation



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