New Comic Book Day!

Today is new comic book day but plans have changed in the wake of COVID-19. We should still attempt to support our local comic shops while not leaving home. Call your local shop and ask if they have a mailing list. Many comic shops will allow you to create a pull list and with a little extra shipping cost, send the comic to your house.

Another way to support your local shop is to be a responsible consumer and support the supporters. Image Comics has announced that they will allow comic shops to return unsold comics for the rest of the month. This policy will help local shops with their delicate balance of risk versus reward. Image is also offering the first issue of many of their title FREE on Reward Image Comics for their efforts with a purchase of one of their comics. All our suggestions today are from Image.

The next step is to at least support the Comics industry. ComiXology offers a subscription service called ComiXology Unlimited. This service combines the major publishers under one service and offers some entire collects. Others will need to be filled in with single-issue purchases. This is not the best way to support comic creators but every little bit helps.

The last and most impactful way to help the comic industry is finding independent comic creators and either order directly from them or support their Kickstarters. Below are the four independent comic creators we have interviewed or worked with.

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