Echo is a Gamechanger for Overwatch

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has just released a video breaking down the next champ to Overwatch, Echo, and she will change the game! Before we start, Echo is a damage character, not a healer like I had predicted. Let’s talk about her abilities:

Ultimate: Duplicate– Echo copies a member of the opposing team for a time and has accelerated cooldowns. Jeff says that you will be able to proc the copied ultimates multiple times while duplicated. These feel very broken but the will be monitored heavily in PTR and adjusted if needed.

Primary: Tri-Shot– Shoots triangular burst from her hand that feels similar to Genji’s primary fire.

Secondary: Sticky Bomb- These are fast shots that explode after a short delay. This has a six ammo magazine size.

Focusing Beam – Echo fires a continuous beam at a target and does significantly more damage to those players and shields under 50% health.

Flight – Echo can fly into the air with a quick burst. This leads to her passive.

Passive: Glide – Echo can glide quickly. She moves faster than but drops quicker than Mercy.

Echo will change how people will play. She is the most adaptable champion yet and I can’t wait to try her out. She is on the PTR now and Jeff says it will be a great deal of testing before she is on the live game.

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