Top 5 Netflix Intros

Frank’s Opinion

We may be given the option to skip, but I can’t pass up these excellent Netflix intros:

5. Marco Polo

Somehow this series went unnoticed until it was canceled. Excellent acting, writing, and quality but little viewers. The intro was an extension of the series with the artful spreading if ink over the parchment to form images related to Mongol history. The music is played with era-specific instruments and even features the unique Mongolian Throat Singing.



4. Peaky Blinders

This theme song sets the mood for Tommy’s badass antics. The song is also used within the series with small ques to emphasize a moment or highlight a character. It is similar to the ‘Reins of Castermere’ of Game of Thrones in that way. The tune is smooth with a Jazz-like beat that brings to mind every hero shot of the Peaky Blinders walking down the street.


3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

From the first shout of “Unbreakable” to the last few beats, I find myself singing this song every time. Its a bright and upbeat song like Kimmy herself. I can’t help but smile just thinking of this fun intro.


2. BoJack Horseman

This show has the tightest writing on Netflix. It follows a former 90’s star as he fails to co-exist in a flawed society. Sounds like a downer, but this series is so well down that I find myself actually saying out loud, “Damn, this is good writing.” The intro music is an experimental rock sound that covers BoJack’s day to day life and culminates in a party where he is lonelier than ever. The beat is a bit skewed and on certain episodes it’s skewed, even more, giving us the blur of drugs and alcohol that Bojack lives in. Also, the Outro would be #1 on the outro list with a garage band feel that almost sounds like an intro to his 90’s sitcom.


1. A series of Unfortunate Events

This intro was an easy number one. The episodes are in pairs creating a series on two-parters. The intro not only recaps the series but also recaps each part differently. The sing-songy explainer by Neil Patrick Harris is even done in the voice of the character he will be disguised as in this episode. I will post a couple of examples to show how amazing the intro is.

This awesome video by “Big Ben” adds all the voices together:

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