Update on New Comic Book Stoppage

Inside Diamond Distributors

We discussed before the stop to new comic books during COVID lockdown because Diamond Distributors wouldn’t be sending new books to the local shops. You can find that article here. This week, Diamond Distributors have announced that they’re “no longer receiving consistent payment from our customers” and this, in turn, means Diamond will “hold payments to vendors previously scheduled to release this week.” To clarify, Diamond is no longer receiving their normal income from comic shops and mail orders so they are holding off on paying the publishers like Marvel and DC.

The impact on this supply chain may be permanent. DC is not as healthy as it once was, with lowering readership in recent years. And many of the smaller publishers won’t be able to move their content to digital as easily as the bigger houses. As mentioned before, local comic shops are also hit hard by the lack of new books. This is a dark moment in the comic book industry, it’s time we are the hero and support the comic book industry any way possible.

Sources: Newsarama, The Hollywood Reporter, Diamond Distributors Press Release

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