Ezra Miller Filmed Choking a Fan in Iceland

On April 5th, phone footage had been posted on Twitter showing Ezra Miller choking a fan in Iceland when she asked if he wanted to fight. After further research, someone posted then removed the video on Reddit four days prior.

The video can be upsetting and may not be suitable for everyone. From the footage, you see a woman approach him and in a joking manner pretend to fight. Ezra says “Do you want to fight?” he then grabs her by the neck and brings her to the ground while a male voice off-camera sounds like they are intervening. While bringing her to the ground, he repeats the “do you want to fight?” phrase while she is clearly in distress. Below is the link to the original twitter post.

Ezra Miller is most notably the Flash in DC Comics film universe. The standalone Flash film has run into many production issues including rotating directors and scripts. At times, even Miller has been set to direct. After the release of this video, likely, Ezra Miller will not be back as The Flash.

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