PS5 Controller Revealed

FINALLY! We get to see something that is physical from Sony and the PS5. They have displayed what the PS5 controller will look like with some details on how it will feel. So far it seems that Sony has kept all aspects of what we loved about the PS4 controller and amplified with added features. Let’s dive into what this 2099 controller will have.

Sony wants players to feel more of your senses and interact with the worlds you will journey to. The controller will feature DualSense as well as PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Sony has given game creators the ability to highlight the immersion that a player can feel by using all capabilities from the PS5 controller and how can games make you feel more immures by using touch and sound. Sony states that they want you to feel “driving a car through mud” or “feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow.”

Now for some exterior information. The controller will feel smaller than it really looks by placing the triggers and making some updates to the grip. They also considered they can make a stronger rechargeable battery while keeping the controller as light as possible. The share button is coming back, but will now be called the “Create” button. They spoke little of how it works and followed up with more to come. With DualSenses they have added a built in Microphone that you can chat with other players. Perfect for when you have someone joining your party while trying to hook up their headset then you start yelling “can you hear me!”. Yes, now you can give others a heads up while connecting to a party. Awesome little feature, but still plan on buying a headset. With the light bar being placed on top is a great idea from the bottom like the PS4. There are many times in games that the light bar would change colors, but you have no idea because you can’t see it of course. This will make the color stand out way more with that two-tone design. 

Yes! That two-tone design. Different than any controller that we seem releasing with the console. This gets me thinking of all the different two-tone colors they can produce and sell. My wallet is ready for whatever is to come. Sony has stated with the controller being tested by many people with all kinds of different shapes of hands that they believe that they have achieved a great comfort level with great ergonomics. Making the controller feel as an extension to yourself. I personally like the controller for the fact that it gives me this Tron feeling and really does look like something far into the future.  

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