Quibi is Here…What is it?

Update: Quibi has reportedly earned 830,000 subscribers during the streaming service’s first 3 days. -Thewrap.com

Quibi is a new streaming service with two important taglines: New episodes released every day and every episode is under 10 minutes. The service appears to only have original content. They are high quality productions, designed for smartphones, and have a wide variety genre.

Only available on phones, the app is free and offers three-month free trial. After the three months the service will cost you $5 a month. The app boast of 23 shows and 18 Daily Essentials, which serves as news for a variety of topics. All videos play at full screen whether your phone is landscape or portrait. When in portrait mode the video focus on who is talk when the scene may normally have two people on the shot. I personally found this feature the most interesting and would often turn my phone to see how well it adapted.

The three shows I enjoyed the most so far are “Dishmantled”, “Flipped” and the reboot of “Punk’d”. “Flipped” stars Kaitlin Olson and Will Forte as two wannabe home remodeling stars that get mixed up with a crime syndicate. The two work so well together as clueless losers that are way over their heads. “Punk’d” is a reboot of the Ashton Kutcher classic with a new host, Chance the Rapper. Chance is awesome! And he tends to target the celebrities he’s friends with which adds another fun layer. The shorter format also works better for the “Pumk’d” then the original format. “Dishmantled” is a crazy cooking show hosted by Titus Burgess. Contestants are shot with a food cannon containing a dish. They then have to recreate the dish. Simple, fast, and fun!

The pros to Quibi is the high-quality productions and the shorter videos work really well for my lifestyle. Cons, these are basically good quality YouTube video that take a month subscription. I hope Quibi does well, but it all depends on the public willingness to spend $5 monthly for good YouTube content.

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