Stadia’s Free Version is Now Live

On April 8th, Google announced that the free version of Stadia will be live in 14 countries. The free version of stadia offers games for sale much like other game launchers, but these are streamed to you instead of downloaded. This get you back into the game with little load times. There is also a free two-month trail of the Pro tier. This tier is typically $10 a month and comes with a series of free games that can be claimed and permanently added to your library. The free games this month include: Destiny 2, GRID, Gylt, Steamworld Dig 2, Serious Sam Collection, Spitling, and Thumper. If you want to use the Stadia Controller that an addition $69.99.

Frank’s Review

I tried this service out on two devises: my PC and my iPhone. I live in a rural area, so I only have 10mbps (I know it’s sad) and had a terrible experience. GRID constantly stuttered and disconnected making the game unplayable. This was expected as Google has stated the minimum speed should be 25mbps. This test proved that until I can get substantially faster internet, I was not playing on my PC. My phone is an iPhone 8 plus with 5Ge on AT&T, this is about 29mbps. I was excited to try this out, to only be greeted by a Sorry, not for iPhones message. Makes sense with Google being in direct competition against Apple, but Microsoft xCloud will be working on iPhone. Apple iPhone sales were 185 million in 2019 according to USA Today, a lot of people to turn your back on.

I am clearly not a fan of Stadia and hope Google can make the service more accessible to everyone. This is the opinion of Frank, but we will add to the article with others that can better run tests and will discuss this on the podcast next week.

Update: Tested Stadia again on Thumber, a less graphic intense game. I would assume with everything being streamed that this would not have a factor but the game ran better. It was at least playable.

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